Eyes of a Child – A Vision Of Hope

Who we are

Who We Are and What We Serve
Eyes of a Child is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization as defined by IRS Tax ID #260465075. We support a variety of Non-Profit Organizations to help exploited children who live in the streets as well as families living in extreme poverty. Eyes of a Child takes pride and honors those who participate in charitable donations and those who make a difference all year around. Eyes of a Child organizes events to bring awareness of worldwide poverty and raises funds to assist other Non-Profit Organizations.
Mission Statement
Eyes of a Child is dedicated to providing emergency and long-term aid to children in desperate need throughout the world, including the United States, by building charitable capital and making philanthropic grants to individuals, families and worthy humanitarian organizations. We raise funds thru donation from individuals and businesses. Eyes of a Child also organizes fundraisers to bring awareness to those unaware of the poverty around the world today and to raise funds.


The dream became reality

Antonio Covarrubia is a business man, devoted husband, father, and Eyes of a Child founder. Antonio was born in Chile and was raised by Rebecca Colodro de Bitran and Gabriel Bitran. He was cared and deeply loved by them. Antonio's life was forever changed. He received guidance and the necessary values to succeed in life. He lived part of his adult life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His memories from childhood brought him hope that one day he can give back to the children in need so the children may also have the same opportunities that he had.

Antonio is driven by a dream: to change children's' lives, just as his own life was changed.

He inspired his friends to come together and to work towards this wonderful cause.

Rebecca Colodro de Bitran was honored by Eyes of a Child in a beautiful ceremony back in 2007, motivating all guests and board members to continue to make a difference in a child's life.