Eyes of a Child – A Vision Of Hope

Current Projects

All Kids

Rosarito Project

Since 2013 we are sponsoring more than 85 children, with clothing, shoes, after school activities, music classes and English classes. We also provided a computer lab for children to go and.
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San Fernando Valley Program

We are supporting children receiving mental health service at the Child and Family Guidance Center, another non- profit organization in Northridge CA.
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Past Projects

2008 & 2009

Project Malawi
Located in Malawi, Africa.

Based on the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), Malawi is the poorest country in the world and around 14% of the population is infected by the AIDS virus. Those infected have a life expectancy of about 39 years. This has caused an increased population of orphans.

Dr. Silas Josué Oliveira, founder of the Project Malawi found out about the reality of Malawi through a DVD film. This film portrayed the big need of the country. Deeply sensitized, Dr Silas immediately began to delineate actions to increase help for the Malawi people.

In his first journey, he realized that the reality was greater that what he had seen on the film. He affirmed that he had "already seen poverty, but never misery". From that point on, Dr. Silas began his challenging vision by contacting individuals and other institutions in order to establish partnerships to help minimize the suffering of the nation particularly for the one million orphaned children of Malawi.

For more information visit: www.agcworld.org and www.youtube.com/projectmalawi


Arc of Peace
Located in Ceará, Brazil.

The project was born in December of 2003. They felt that God told them to take care of the abused, poor and local children at risk and to give them social and educational support based on Christian Principles.

The local reality shocked them. They learned about 10,000 children living homeless and how frequently a child was abused and exploited. They were determined to help as much as they could.