Eyes of a Child – A Vision Of Hope

Rosarito, Mexico

Since 2013, we have sponsored over 85 children with clothing, shoes, after school activities, music classes and English classes. We also assembled a computer lab with several computers for children to go and do their home-work. Every year we organize a Posada, which is a Holiday celebration in December where we bring toys, food, pinatas, etc. During back to school season, we provide uniforms and shoes for the school age children. Breakfast is served to around 40 children Monday through Friday at the center.

We are also providing a complete scholarship for one student to attend the Tijuana University and are planning to support more young adult in enhancing and furthering their education.



Scholarship Recipient

My name is María Valentino.
I am currently enrolled at the University of Tijuana-Mexico, studying Cinema and audiovisual production. It has been a life changing experience to have come across Eyes of a Child- A Vision of Hope. As an institution, they have supported me so that I may continue with my studies. It is an honor to be the first beneficiary of this scholarship and I am sure this will encourage Eyes of a Child to continue to help more young people to finish their studies.

These are beautiful actions of wonderful people who together can achieve the great dreams of children and young people. A project that sows without a doubt, a seed of love for the neighbor and in the future that seed will bring the best fruit. With your example and dedication, you show us that there are many opportunities to grow and be good people. I hope to change or impact someone’s life as you have changed and impacted mine.

Thanks for everything and to everyone who is part of this beautiful organization.

With love,
Maria Valentino

Bonilla-Rosarito - Mexico