Eyes of a Child – A Vision Of Hope

2020 Project Status: Active

Eyes of a Child cotinues to provide the families and children ongoing support.

Project Description

Since 2013, our community center located in Rosarito city supports about 100 children and their families in need.

What do we do?

We provide some of the daily breakfast and activities. We also provide them guitar and English classes, to help increase their confidence. A few times a year, the board members get together and travel to Rosarito to distribute more food, toys, school supplies, school uniforms, shoes, clothes, blankets, and etc.

How do we help?

Eyes of a child provide financial support that comes from donations throughout the year to help maintain the program.

Why this matter to us?

Rosarito community has its poor side, in which many families live in bad conditions in which most of the time, they even suffer from the lack of basic needs: food, water, etc. As well, most families in the community have no easy access to grocery stores, facilities, etc. We care about these families because they deserve better. They deserve to live in a proper house, under a finished and repaired roof, with our The Roof Project, as well have their basic needs cared. Eyes of a Child is engaged to provide many children in the Rosarito community the chance to dream and the opportunity to realize their dreams.


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